Zac was carried up the steps to the pool deck by his carer. His little seven-year-old self, unable to master the coordination and muscle tone necessary to navigate the steps.

The video footage of Zac walking up those same steps 10 weeks later, with him turning to face the camera with a cheeky grin and some naughty poking out of his tongue is an absolute tearjerker.

The only thing new in Zac’s life for those 10 weeks was Ruth’s soul-driven gift.

Ruth leads Australia in a transformative therapeutic modality known as Aquatic Therapy that helps children with intellectual, behavioural and physical challenges to heal, grow and learn by leveraging the power of the water.

Last week Ruth was honoured by the Australian aquatics industry peak body, Austswim, as the national winner of the ‘Teacher of Aquatics – Access and Inclusion’ award.

With 42 years deep immersion in the aquatics industry, Ruth’s intention is to amplify her impact by integrating with collaboratively minded aquatics professionals and businesses.

We’d love your help so that more lives are transformed.

If you have had or are having your child taught to swim, if you know aquatic professionals whose students or business might benefit from being supported by an aquatic industry leader, your introduction and advocacy would be appreciated.

Thanks for sharing this message. Let’s impact more Zac’s simply by getting word out. 

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