buntu. uncover you

Uncover YOU

Who are YOU… really?

‘I Believe in YOU’ – The Most Profound 4 Words.

Who is it for. . . ?

If you are struggling to define, grasp even comprehend what the sequel to YOU and YOUR business looks like, this is for YOU.

What exactly is it. . . ?

A return to what makes YOU, YOU.
Uncovering and clarification of your ETHOS.
What are YOUR current Values, Drivers and Patterns, and the fit moving forward.
Why and HOW resonance plays an important role in YOUR sequel.
Why is it YOU do what YOU do, and WHY it matters NOW.
Recognise, see and appreciate YOUR point of difference.
Uncover the impact YOU seek to make.
Collaboration on ‘The power of storytelling’.
Defining WHY ‘Freedom of Separation’ matters for YOUR sequel.

Why does it matter. . . ?

When we resonate with something or someone, it is in our nature to give more that we receive.
Are delivering on YOUR promise to YOURSELF of showing up as the authentic YOU?
Uncovering YOU will ensure that YOU do.

How do we do it. . . ?

Everything begins with a chat and a story, then on to . . .
3 x 120 minute ‘personal sessions’ via zoom.
2 x rounds of creative challenges to undertake in your own time from home.
This is an approximate 6 week program.
As always buntu. recognises that life can get in the way, so this is flexible.