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Amplify YOU

We help you AMPLIFY your essence, the spirit and genius of who you are and the impact you seek to make by optimising your profile to ALL-Star and beyond.

Your Significance Confidently Magnified.

Who is it for. . . ?

If YOU are struggling to be seen heard and recognised on the LinkedIn platform. If YOUR personal brand is NOT building the way YOU seek, then this is for YOU.

What exactly is it. . . ?

Optimisation of your LinkedIn profile using unique formulas and cutting-edge strategies that position YOU as the thought leader.

Why does it matter. . . ?

With over 1billion people currently on the platform, SHOWING UP has never been more important. Essential and contemporary online strategies to get attention, nurture YOUR connections and leverage your content WILL help GROW your audience.

How do we do it. . . ?

Everything begins with a chat and a story, then on to . . .
Personalised, guided, sequential and interactive series of consultations 1:1 with your LinkedIn strategist and online reputation specialist.
Enhancement of your profile’s visual appeal and amplification of the significanceof your story with key-word rich text.
Express who you are with clarity for your human and ‘algorithmic’ audience.
Leveraging of each relevant LinkedIn feature and tool to ensure you are discoverable, engaging and the person of influence in your industry.
Maximisation of your SSI Score (Social Selling Index). The key LinkedIn metric.
Simple to implement tools, approaches and activity to ensure you add value and get the attention YOU deserve.
Advice & insights on intelligent LinkedIn message sequences, content amplification and LinkedIn webinar event strategies.
Advice on integration of AI tools and powerful plug ins into your LinkedIn profile.
Integration of your optimised profile across your other online and offline marketing, lead generation and client retention investments.
Real time tracking of your progress and communication with your strategist.
This is an approximate 90 day program.
As always buntu. recognises that life can get in the way, so this is flexible.

Let's Begin Here

We believe that making and keeping small agreements first is the way to build trust. We look forward to helping grow you and your business.

Closed Door Event

4th of July 10:30 am – 12:30 am Sydney
3rd of July 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm EST (US)
3rd of July 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm PST (US)