buntu. express you

Express YOU

Resonate with YOUR audience.

Contemporary enabling of your voice and story.

Who is it for. . . ?

If YOU are a business, brand or platform grappling with HOW to SHOW UP and tell YOUR story, then this is for YOU.

What exactly is it. . . ?

Consider this a brand guide with genuine relatability.
Determine YOUR vision for the REPUTATION of the brand, business and team.
Clarity of YOUR ETHOS.
Defining your T.O.V ( tone of voice ).
Logo concept design ( re-design )
Icon concept and design ( re- design )
Contemporary colour palette build.
Branding assets and branding concept planning.
Creative imagery and imagery based messaging samples.
Clarification of story and narrative.
Storytelling samples, energy and intention across platforms.
Scripting, phraseology and consistency of messaging samples.

Why does it matter. . . ?

First impressions matter.
The world is filled with individuals, businesses and brands all looking for attention.
What is it that makes YOU and YOUR business STAND OUT?
Makes YOUR STORY one deserving to be heard?
Create the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ EFFECT.
Leave behind the crumbs of interest that people will follow.

How do we do it. . . ?

Everything begins with a chat and a story, then on to . . .
2 x 90 minute ‘personal sessions’ via zoom.
3 x rounds of creative review and ideation.
This is an approximate 6 week program.
Delivered as all relatable digital files and presentation PDF.
As always buntu. recognises that life can get in the way, so this is flexible.