Support You

Support YOU

Done for YOU or with YOUR activity.

Respectful scaling of YOU, do more with less.

Who is it for. . . ?

If YOU are a business leader who is time-challenged, busy, short-staffed and simply wants stuff done.
If YOU are choosing to surprise and delight. Engage YOUR connections to build long-term healthy client relationships that last.
If YOU who want to show up consistently as the person, business and brand YOUR audience wants to work with, then this is for YOU.

What exactly is it. . . ?

Call team access.
Up-to-date specific DATA.
Surprise and Delight options for YOUR customers.
Assistance creatively.
VA and PA support.
Content creation.
LinkedIn services.
Physical mail.
Handwritten services.
Support on YOUR reputation.

Why does it matter. . . ?

We all need assistance, ALL of the time.
So we are here to HELP when YOU need it.
The ease of a ‘plug in and plug out’ business development team.

How do we do it. . . ?

Everything begins with a chat and a story, then on to . . .
Single project or integrated into your business growth strategy.
Long term or short term.
Done for or with you.
Integrated into our communication ecosystem.

buntu. Audio

Interactive Content, Connections and Conversations. We enable you to start conversations, initiate relationships, establish connections and grow your impact on the platform.



Magnify YOU

Your close-up look at the hidden potential of your LinkedIn profile.

Hotel Saver Gift Cards

‘Surprise and Delight’ your prospects, clients, members and collaborators. No one will be expecting a no strings attached gift of up to $500.00. The cost to you – way less than you think. 

Data Mining

Cleansing or Research –  First name, Surname, Role, Company, Postal Address, Website and where available direct email & mobile/cell number and LinkedIn profile.


Bespoke designed, personalised, handwritten, embossed wax sealed mail.

Kudos 50

Appreciate your new LinkedIn connections. 50 x handwritten, wax sealed cards including the data required and QR Code link to your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Targeted Concierge Management

We help you script and send connection request messages, credibility articles and respectfully scripted nurture messages and calls to action.

Pre-Call Verification

Call team members call your prospect BEFORE we send mail to ensure address and contact details are correct.

Post Calls

Your dedicated call team member is tasked to take your prospect to the next step in your sales pipeline.

Special Orders

Design and production of lumpy mail, oversized messages, inserts, die cut designs and surprise and delight.

FiltPOD membership

Leverage your content via this LinkedIn ‘POD’ platform.

Engage AI

Integrate the latest AI tools to accelerate your commenting and outreach to prospects, collaborators and clients.

LI Concierge Podster Service

A human being to comment on your posts to leverage the LinkedIn algorithm within tight time frames to amplify your message.

LinkedIn Webinar Event Sequence Support

We script, link, design and do the work for each component of your LinkedIn Webinar Event. We even help you professionally design your slide deck and provide feedback during practice sessions.

Creative Consult

Marketing Strategy and Creative Consultation on artwork, and design for your campaign.

Content Creation

Linking YOUR brand or business to its target audience. Scripting, Writing, Designing, Shooting and Editing.