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A discount on hotels around the world. In the form of a gift card.

Tailored to YOU and YOUR customer.

Creating "Surprise and Delight" for YOUR customers when they least expect it ensures they will be talking about you in a positive light.

Things to Remember

Things to Remember

Redeemable in 3 steps.

Branded to YOUR business, with YOUR message to delight YOUR customers.


Most frequent questions and answers

Simply login with your unique code and pin where you will be asked to set up your profile with an email.

Hotels will be listed according to availability, dates and timeframes.

Any unused discount will remain on your gift card and within your unique profile.

No. All availability and prices shown are live and comparable in the dropdown menu of other platforms.

Your discount is ‘available value up to the value of the card’ for the time of the booking.

Discounts will vary according to the hotels availability, dates and timeframes.

Unfortunately NO. Each gift card has a unique code and pin which will be set against your profile.