well established and here for you


Your business is a reflection of you – as is mine.

My intention is to AMPLIFY the human spirit of leaders of purposeful businesses.

I’ve been labeled by some as the dad with a backpack who trades on dad jokes. I show up simply as me, consistently and authentically in all contexts.

For many years I assumed I was in the business of lead generation, client retention and memorable, personalised marketing.

It turns out that in these times of uncertainty, what our clients crave is significance, peace of mind, certainty, surprise & delight and the opportunity to contribute with work that matters now.

My first career was in experiential education. I learnt to leverage outdoor adventure and challenge to answer 3 questions for our program participants.

Who am I – at my core?
Who are we – when we plan, execute together and reflect?
What is the legacy we wish to leave?

It was there I first learnt the meaning of the word ‘ubuntu’.

buntu, our derivative of that South African word means, among other things:

I see you
I hear you
I recognise you
I appreciate that you are
I am – because we are.

My intention is to lead the conversation beyond AI. Being of significance motivates, belonging inspires and mattering…matters.

My end goal is to leave the world a better place for me having been the best version of me for others.

buntu CEO Greg

Greg Smith