Every Wednesday

5:30 - 6:30 PM Sydney, Australia Time


Welcome to Smithsonians a new, fresh, supportive business community for advocacy-oriented, 'others-focused' enterprise leaders and business owners. If you crave human to human business connection (rather than usual networking pitchfest) and prefer to edify others and actively connect members with your trusted network simply because that's how business is done best, please be our guest.

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We are based in Australia with members globally, who meet discreetly for one hour every Wednesday at 5.30 pm Sydney, Australia time.

What is it?

  • A free and voluntary collective. 
  • A passionate and diverse group of enterprise leaders and business owners who seek to positively impact
  •  A hub of humans in business, intent on advocating for each other, peer-supporting, encouraging, challenging and connecting with good intention without expecting an immediate return on energy invested. 
  • A rabble of ideas and a web of connections designed to making a rukas in the current context of anxiousness, disconnection and uncertainty
  • A safe space to practice, test, suggest, argue robustly, receive feedback and refine who you are and the message you are sharing with the world.
  • Our purpose is to engage and support. To care and to nurture healthy relationships.

What is not.

  • A pitch platform although members regularly share their passion and expertise
  • A group defined by rules or procedures except good ole common sense and mutual respect. 
  • Politically correct.
  • A fly trap to upsell, promote, convince or manipulate

Who are our members?

The right people at the right time with a message or story to share with you and those who choose to engage 

Leaders of charities, serial entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, family-owned business leaders, start-ups, lawyers, coaches, advisors, students, health professionals, marketing experts and story tellers.  

What's the agenda?

Each week we pose 4 main topics:


  • What has been your recent win in business, life or in building our network. (Success leaves clues)
  • What barriers/challenges/issues are you facing?
  • What do you need to know?
  • Who do you need to meet?
  • How can we help? 
  • At times, members or guests present their insights, work, energy and expertise.

Let’s meet virtually!

If you would like to talk to Greg about the Smithsonians or collaborating more generally, please click Greg's calendar link below.

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